Privacy Policy For Enpure Water Solution

Hello, we are  Enpure Water Solutions eCommerce store. We provide high-quality water purifier products to our users. At the  eCommerce store, we collect some amount of information from our users before buying a product whether it’s a physical or virtual product. After adding the product to the cart, you will be able to proceed to the checkout page. At the checkout page, the user will be asked to fill the form in which he/she has to fill in the details of name, email, phone, country, address, town, city, state, pin code, company name.
And also to notify that Enpure Water Solutions does not show any type of ads on its website. And also we allow the user to share the product, blog posts via social media accounts.  We have also installed a google site kit on this website that tracks and monitors user interaction i.e it will record which and how many links the user has clicked, on which page the user has spent more time and also how does the user navigate throughout the website using links, etc.

Enpure is a brand that provides its customer a sweet & purified water to its consumers.

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